"Now thus sayeth this un-afflicted, un-sorrowing faqir Dara Shukoh that after knowing the Truth of Truths ... And having had repeated and continuous discussion with the doctors and perfect divines of this Indian religion, he did not find any difference, except verbal, in the Way they sought and comprehended Truth".

About Dara Shikoh

Dara Shikoh, aka Dara Shukoh, (1615 - 1659) was the eldest son and heir apparent of the fifth Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan. He was officially appointed as his successor. However, Dara was defeated by his brother Aurangzeb in the War of Succession following Shah Jahan's illness. Thus he was executed on the orders of Aurangzeb under a fatwa issued by his clerics stating that he had apostatised from Islam.


Compared to the orthodox Aurangzeb, Dara sits on the very opposite end of the spectrum. He held liberal and unorthodox views. He was inclined towards philosophy and mysticism since young age, and his endeavours in this field were evident, perhaps the most important of which is the book Majma' Ul-Bahrain, which highlights the harmonious unity between Sufi philosophy in Islam and Vedanta philosophy in Hinduism. Many historians to this day still argue about a different future for the Indian subcontinent if Dara Shikoh defeated Aurangzeb.


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Pursuant to the recommendations of AMU Centenary Dara Shikoh Conference held in Dec 2021 at New Delhi, and in accordance with AMU's inherent commitment to the development of interfaith understanding among all the religions of the world, it was decided that all the writing works done by Dara Shikoh and around him is to be identified and listed accordingly. Thus this project was born.


The project aims at building a national, unified, and live (ever evolving) database about all the academic & literary works related to Dara Shikoh in all major languages of the world, ultimately making such data accessible to researchers, academicians and stakeholders which would eventually help in facilitating the research process around Dara Shikoh and the relevant topics.
Prof. Tariq Mansoor
Prof. Tariq MansoorVice Chancellor
Aligarh Muslim University
Prof. Tariq MansoorVice Chancellor
Aligarh Muslim University
I am happy to learn that Maulana Azad Library, AMU is launching a Website on Dara Shikoh, which will act as an online database and repository of all his literary works, along with all research and publications related to him.

This Project is pursuant to the recommendations of AMU Centenary Dara Shikoh Conference, held in Dec 2021, at New Delhi. Through this Project, the University aims to promote interfaith understanding, strive for National Integration by bringing religious communities closer and peace-building efforts among the followers of different faiths. By fostering a culture of liberal views and tolerance, developing the ideals of peaceful co-existence and pluralism among the young, particularly students, the University through its undertakings, such as this, wishes to promote peace and harmony.

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